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Is Almased Meal Replacement Powder A Genuine Weight Loss Shake?

Almased was first introduced into the market in 1980 after a thorough research was conducted about its effectiveness. The mastermind behind this supplement was Hubertus Trouille who actually was a not a doctor. Almased business is owned by a family and it’s based in Germany. Following the products that it manufactured, it became a leading company in the production of weight loss products. This gave a chance for the expansion of its branches to places like Austria, USA, Switzerland, UK, and Canada. Trouille discovered that Almased could be used to reduce weight other than the original purpose he manufactured it for which was to increase the rate of metabolism

What is Almased?

Almased is meal substitute powder that works with a target of helping those with excess weight to reduce their weight. It’s more than a diet plan as it forms part of our daily lifestyle. It’s made with specific ingredients with a high affinity of assisting the body to get rid of excess weight that is making us uncomfortable. It has been in the market for quite a long time and many have attempted to use it with the end results showing its positive effect on weight loss.

What is Almased For?

Many people have been seeking to know what actually the role of Almased is in our weight reduction diet plan. The truth behind this protein shake is that it assists our body to eliminate extra weight through loosing of fats and minimizing the calories intake in our body. By so doing, its primary purpose remains to be the reduction of excess weight that we have.

How Almased Work?

This weight loss program works in a more biological manner to assist in weight loss. For the efficient operation of our body, the metabolic activities must work normally. But failure to this, our body is likely to acquire some digestives system related problems. This is what interferes with the process of burning calories in our body. The biggest cause of this problem is the intake of more artificial products having preservatives, flavors and other dangerous chemicals which have affected the nutrients, amino acids, and enzymes in our body. Almased work by increasing the rate of metabolic reaction which makes our body system to work ordinarily. This implies that the excess fat and calories will be burned resulting in weight loss.Almased Meal Replacement Powder


Almased is manufactured with specific ingredients with the ability to assist in all processes involved in weight loss. They all work together for a better output. The following are the most active ingredients found in this protein shake.

Soy Protein Isolate

This is the most active ingredient in Almased meal replacement shake.it has the greatest amount of protein which is about 90%. This ensures that when you are on Almased weight loss diet plan, your body has all the necessary protein needed for your bodybuilding. It works with other ingredients for a better result.

Skim Milk Yogurt Powder

The importance of this ingredient in Almased is that it gives your body extra protein sources for muscle building. It can also help us to get calcium and riboflavin. Because Almased is made with the lower amount of lactose, it won’t be a hard task when it comes to its digestion. Skim Milk Yogurt Powder makes it easy for mixing Almased with either juice or water, a real shake in appearance.

Honey Enzymes

Its primary purpose is to aid in fermentation. The company state that it also assists in weight loss and improve the digestion process. Because it’s not processed, it always maintains its natural vitamins, enzymes, and minerals


Vitamins are very essential in our body and that’s why they are included in this protein shake. The amount included is sufficient and enough for our general body function. They are all in their natural form. The available vitamins include B1, B6, B2, B12, A, D3 and E.

Amino acids

Since our body needs amino acid to perform normally, we won’t ever lack it while using Almased. It’s included in a sufficient quantity so that we don’t consume much or less than the required amount.

Pros of Almased

  • They assist in the reduction and maintenance of body weight
  • They make you active throughout the day
  • Almased strengthen the immunity of your body
  • They make our skin healthy and free from rashes and other infections
  • Almased helps us to build stronger muscles and bones.
  • They eliminate the feeling of hunger which makes you feel that you are full for quite a longer period
  • Healthy drink with the ability to help get rid of fat but not your muscle mass.
  • Contain natural ingredients
  • Can be consumed as a meal replacement
  • 1 meal serving is enough to last you for 4 hours
  • Different offers are available according to your needs

Cons of Almased

  • There is no warranty for this product
  • Customers complain of the taste
  • It may cost much to maintain the recommended diet plan of 36cans

Almased Price 

There are several places where you can be able to get Almased. To start with, online retailers such as Amazon, Vitacost, GNC, Walgreens, CVS pharmacy and other recognized retailers can be a perfect zone to acquire Almased. The prices may vary depending on the retailer you chose to work with.

  • 1 canister (This is around 17.6oz) may cost between $27.97 and $53.83
  • 3 pack cost about $83.91
  • Wellness tea (about 3.5oz) which is about $9.99

Bottom Line 

With the review given on this article about Almased, it’s easy to make a decision whether you wish to maintain your weight or make a change and your life. You actually don’t need to wait for your friend to confess hoe Almased helped him or her. Grab your chance today and purchase this product on Amazon. It’s verified and more customers have justified its commitment to saving the lives of people with excess weight.


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