Everything You Need To Know About Skinny Mint Tea In One Package!

Everything You Need To Know About Skinny Mint Tea In One Package!

It just happens you have a few extra pounds you would like to shed and have decided to give detox tea a go. One of those teas is SkinnyMint Tea. Other than containing ingredients that help you with weight loss, they also come with additional health benefits as well as some side effects. All these will be highlighted in this article alongside skinny mint flavors and taste, and skinnymint reviews.

What is Skinny Mint Tea?

SkinnyMint Teatox system has green tea as its base and claims to help you achieve your weight goals while also providing you with other health benefits. The tea, however, does not contain one of the best ingredients for weight loss, oolong tea. SkinnyMint tea comes as teabags, so you only need to steep the teabag before drinking. You shall learn more from skinny mint tea reviews

Skinny Mint Tea Ingredients.

The ingredients in skinny mint tea are carefully proportioned to give a perfect blend that will effectively perform their intended purpose.

  • Green Tea Leaf
  • Guarana Seed
  • Yerba Mate Leaf
  • Dandelion Leaf
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Natural Orange Flavoring

Skinny Mint Tea Flavors

The skinny mint tea gets its flavor from the natural orange flavoring, one of its ingredients.

Skinny Mint Tea Taste

The company claims the tea tastes tropical, fresh, and fruity. Although, some users said the tea had a bitter aftertaste. The skinnymint reviews revealed that many users did not like the way the tea tasted.Skinny Mint Tea

Skinny Mint Tea Benefits

The benefits of this detox tea stems from the ingredients used to make it. Additionally, some extra health benefits accompany the weight loss benefit that makes people purchase this detox tea product. Here are some of the benefits you will reap if you ever decide to use this tea in the future.

  • Weight loss – This mostly comes from the green tea but also from yerba mate and guarana seed as well.
  • Boosted metabolism – Green tea contains bioactive substances including caffeine and antioxidants that assist boost metabolism. Additionally, nettle leaf is believed to help boost metabolism.
  • Suppressed appetite – Yerba mate makes you feel full, so you don’t overeat. Guarana also helps suppress appetite as well.
  • Improved diuresis – Dandelion leaf stimulates more production of urine to give you a cleansed body
  • Reduced constipation – Psyllium and Senna leaves in the nighttime version of skinny mint tea possibly ease constipation effectively.
  • Increased fat burning – some bioactive substances found in green tea help to burn fat.
  • Reduced menstrual pain – Ginger is effective in reducing your menstrual pains.

Skinny Mint Tea Side Effects

Some of the ingredients used to make skinny mint tea have unpleasant side effects. Blended in one mix, you better hope you do not experience them all at once. However, some of the side effects experienced are usually from the faults of the users who do not follow the instructions for the use of the detox tea.

  • Diarrhea – Caused by the laxative effect of some of the skinny tea ingredients.
  • Heartburn – Caused by prolonged consumption of dandelion.
  • Light cramping – Also caused by excessive intake of dandelion as well as Senna.
  • Stomach inflammation – Yet another dandelion side effect.
  • Nausea – Also caused by Senna found in the nighttime version of skinny tea.
  • Bloating – Senna also can cause gassiness.

Skinny Mint Tea Reviews

The skinny mint tea reviews showed that some of its users did not like the taste of the tea. Moreover, the tea does not contain one of the key ingredients for weight loss, oolong tea. The dandelion ingredient in the tea can help you lose water weight, but it has a lot of unpleasant side effects

Bottom Line

Skinny mint tea may probably help you lose some pounds. However, you should not get your hopes up unless you are incorporating other weight loss options in your regimen. Some skinnymint reviews revealed that many users did indeed lose weight when using this detox tea. You will definitely shrink your waistline if you exercise more and go on a strict diet. Nevertheless, the results you will obtain from using skinny mint tea largely depends on personal expectations you have.

To prevent avoidable side effects of using skinny mint tea, you can also follow the instructions labeled on the container or on the SkinnyMint website. Do not overuse the product in the hopes of losing weight faster as this will detrimental effects to your health and overall well.

All in all, the SkinnyMint company is truly focused on delivering on their promise to create a transformation in your life, for the better, of course, using their products such as skinny mint.


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