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How to cure stomach acidity with carom seeds and black salt

  Nothing ruins a tasty meal quite like an uncomfortable burning sensation you experience due to the excess production of…

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5 Natural ways to maintain the firmness and shape of your breasts

Clothes will only look good on you if your body is in good shape and by shape we mean the…

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This vegetable can help you keep your blood pressure under control

Drinking a glass of beetroot juice regularly can reduce risk of heart-attack, says a new study. Beetroot contains dietary nitrate…

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Troubled due to ear infection? Try garlic and olive remedy to treat this problem

Infection in the ear is usually caused by bacteria and viruses in the middle of the ear. Some of the…

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This one kitchen ingredient can treat an upset stomach and gas trouble

Everyone experiences an upset stomach at one point or another in their lives. Stomachaches may strike for so many reasons…

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Home Remedies to Fight Dry Skin This Winter

Winter is a season, which brings numerous pleasurable encounters, however dry skin is not one of them. It is a…

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