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Hair Transplants: it is no longer a dream to get thick and long hair 

It’s a kind of an open secret that the famous celebrities such as musicians, players, politicians, Hollywood celebs have been undergoing hair transplantation that have made the leap from thinning to a thicker hair. So many of them kept it under the wrap but some of them were very honest with their new look.

If we take a look on the procedure or treatment of the hair transplantation we will see that the hair transplantation industries have come a long way over the years with great face of success. For this you should see the before and after picture of those people who went under this procedure and gave them the natural looks.

For the Hollywood actors and actresses it’s became a common thing. John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Jeremy Piven, Steve Carell, Sylvester Stallon, even Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more went under the transplantation. The procedure of hair transplantation was very costly before. In present time the competition in this sector increased as because everyone who loses their hair are interested to undergo this procedure so price seems to fall. It had a massive boom in last five years because of falling price. The best price you can get in Turkey. For hair transplantation every year thousands of American and Europeans travel Turkey for the treatment which flourished the Turkey economy.

Dr. Hassan, famous hair transplant surgeon in Turkey says about Arabians that actually they don’t care about hair density; all they care about to grow it long. On the other hand the Italian, they have highly desired to get a thick hair density that’s why it is very hard to deal with them. Spanish are easy to handle because they fully depend on the doctor.

The procedure of the hair transplantation is very different then other surgery. It needs spaacial instruments. In this process the segeon picked out thousand of hair and follicles from the back and the sides of the head. Those all hair again replanted on the balding area to give the density. In this process patients are administrated ny local anesthesia. After the operation if you take a look in the mirror, you will get scare because of the blood on the top and sides of the head.

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