Eating This One Thing Might Effectively Stop Your Salt Cravings

It helps if you like a little zing in your dishes!

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If you find it hard to hold back on chips, fries and all things salty, these study results might tell you exactly how to reduce your tendency to overload on the salt. And, it helps if you like a little extra spice with your chicken rice. 

Research from the American Heart Association revealed that curbing your salt cravings might just be as simple as eating more spicy foods. The team of researchers wanted to test a previous study that proved that chilli peppers enhanced one’s perception of salty food. They wanted to find out if eating spicy foods would then help to reduce one’s salt consumption.

They put 606 adults to the test by finding out their specific preferences when it came to salty and spicy flavours. Using these results, they then compared it to their individual blood pressure numbers.

They found out that people who had a high spice preference had lower blood pressure than those who avoided spice. Plus, people who ate more spice consumed lesser salt!

To further confirm these results, the researchers proceeded to study the regions of the participants’ brains which are related to the consumption of salt. Using imaging techniques, they discovered that having spicy foods increased brain activity in the same areas that are activated by the consumption of salt.

Senior author of the study, Professor Zhiming Zhu, commented that adding more spices to your dishes can make up for the decreased amount of salt, eventually providing great health benefits.

So perhaps you could hold back on the salt shaker, without compromising on taste, with equally delicious and beneficial spices!

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