Body Scrubs Friendly To You And The Environment

Have you had body scrubs just now or washed using an exfoliating cleanser? Exfoliation is an integral skincare regime part and actually scrubbing does more harm. If yes, there are all chances you have contacted the microbeads, the beauty ingredients tiny in size.

Body Scrub

The body scrub is the best body treatment that is basically a facial for the body. And it actually exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

These minuscule particles are in plastic and they are included in the creams, toothpaste, and scrubs to give a texture of exfoliation. The microbeads are not even 1mm side and are non-biodegradable and they get rinsed while you wash and it is drained. These do not get filtered and enter the sea damaging marine life as they swallow it unknowingly.


In case you have not stopped using the microbeads containing beauty scrubs, just do it immediately. These tiny plastic pearls are good for skin exfoliation but bad for the environment. These granules are in synthetic end polluting our waterways. Thankfully, Kashmere body scrub helps in rectifying this problem without the need for sacrificing smooth skin. It is simple and includes natural alternative and no destructive products.

Body Scrubs

Kashmere Body Scrub

Now just ditch the microbeads and consider amazing Kashmere body scrubs that have natural alternatives. As you hit the shore this summer, your skin will appear glowing and smooth; besides the ocean and the marine lives are healthy and clean. The government is also considering a complete ban of such cosmetic products featuring microbeads.


So next time make a wise choice with beauty aisles, buy products without microbeads. There are many alternatives in the market and one such is the body scrubs that do not damage the environment. Do not miss to read the label or even take a small amount and rub to check the texture between your fingers. You will know if the body scrubs include harmful microbeads or not.

Kashmere body scrubs include various natural exfoliants such as sugar, seed oil, silica, and lots more useful ingredients causing no harm to your skin or the environment. They include lots of herbal extracts and a blend of oils that is ideal for sensitive skin.  This body scrub is also a moisturizing blend that allows soothing stresses and dry skin. This is also an ocean-friendly alternative that is equally effective to human skin as scrub and without using plastic in the products causing harm to wildlife oceans and of course the microbeads are doing no favor to your skin as well.

The Benefit of Body Scrub

Body scrubs use natural exfoliators and the cleansing action of ingredients is excellent. The naturally derived enzymes are of more use and dissolve the dead skin cells permanently. There will be a time period it will consume and if you expect overnight miracles to happen, it may not give you the expected. These body scrubs buff your body beautifully and are a glow getter, while it also increases the cellulite curbing circulation. This is no way lesser than a spa at home that offers body scrub all-over exfoliation.

Get rid of dryness and dullness as this Kashmere body scrubs offer a refreshed and soft feel. this is a natural body scrub that is infused with sugar granules such that they polish your skin and also exfoliate gently to perfection, leaving a good to glow finish from head to toe. this body scrub is perfect and goes well as a body toner. The advantage is that this body scrub can be used for dull looking dry or rough skin.  On using this scrub it is sugar to stimulate your senses, offer youthful skin and make your skin baby soft.

Final Thought

It is time to switch over to Kashmere body scrubs if you are using any other product, and if you are already using the same, very soon you will see the difference.

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