Review Of The Best Weight Loss Shakes In The Market

Review Of The Best Weight Loss Shakes In The Market

Have you been looking for the best weight loss shakes? Well, there are so many brands outs there that deal with the manufacture of weight loss shakes which make it difficult to identify the right one. In this article, we shall major on some of the best-rated diets shakes in the market and find out if they are really worth for you.

What is Diet Shake?

Diet shakes are weight loss supplement manufactured with the best natural ingredients that have some health benefits. They are presented in powder form and you can simply mix them with your favorite sugar-free drink and use them as your meal substitute

Does Diet Shake Work Long-Term?

The answer is yes. If you look at most of the ingredients used in the best diet shakes, you will discover that they have a long medical history and they have been used in the past to cure some conditions. But taking diet shakes, you will be able to recover from your problem. They also correct any problem if at all there is any organ in your body that had failed and caused the problem.

Best Rated Diet Shakes

Almased Shake

This is a weight loss supplement that is manufactured by a company in Germany known as Almased Inc. The use of their products involves a four-phase plan where the main goal is to reduce as many pounds as possible. They contain natural ingredients that work together to fulfill your weight loss goals. They contain useful enzymes, vital vitamins and minerals, and other amino acids.

How to Use

Take 6 tablespoons of Almased Shake and mix with 10ox of warm or hot water. If you do not like the taste, you can add vanilla, cinnamon or coffee powder. Then follow their 4-phase healing process.

Almasd Shake

  • Substitute your three meals with Almased drink. This can be from 3 to 14 days
  • Take a solid meal and 2 shakes on a daily basis until you reduce to the weight you desire
  • Take one shake and two meals on a daily basis, you can use the shake for dinner or supper
  • This is the final phase where you can take all the 3 meals and then add 1 shake daily


  • Contain all the nutrients
  • The product has so many positive reviews
  • They help to maintain your muscles mass as they eliminate fats
  • They help to improve your immunity
  • Improve the rate of metabolism


  • Tiredness, restless, vomiting, nausea has been reported as some of its side effects
  • They are very expensive to manage as you will need 36 plans for a complete program
  • Their taste is not very impressive

Customer Reviews

According to most customers, the taste of Almased Shake is not that pleasing and they would prefer if the company improves on this. Those who have used the shake have also noticed some impressive changes as they were able to lose weight as they anticipated.

Ensure Shake

This is a meal replacement that comes in powder form and contains various flavors. It is manufactured in Abbott Laboratories which joined with Ross Laboratories in 1964. The tow companies then made their Ensure brand public in 1973. The key ingredients used in ensure shake includes Corn Maltodextrin, Soy protein isolate, Water, Canola oil and Sodium.

How to Use

Your main goal is to lose weight and these best diet shakes are going to help you do that. It’s recommended that you take one bottle of ensuring sake for lunch or breakfast. But if you have too many pounds to drop, a bottle for breakfast and a bottle for lunch will be good for you

Ensure ShakePros

  • Comes in various flavors
  • Manufactured using organic ingredients
  • It’s a readymade meal for anyone who is out of time
  • Increase the rate of metabolism
  • Contain low amount of carbohydrates


  • May lead to constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting if consumed in high amount
  • It can lead to mood swing
  • There is not much information about the ingredients used in their products
  • It takes time for one to feel the positive effects of ensuring shake

Customer Reviews

It takes time for customers to get what they like, but with ensure sake flavors, there is always something good for every user. They can be easily found which make it easy for anyone who wishes to use them. There are those who have experienced some side effects but still, they were minor and temporary

Quest Protein Powder

Quest protein powder is weight loss supplements manufactured by Quest Nutrition brand. The company was founded by Shannon Penna in 2010 and has its operational base in El Segundo, California. Their best diet shakes are meant to help with nutrition, wellness, convenience, and a good teste. They are available in Peanut Butter Supreme and Vanilla Almond Crunch flavor.

How to Use

The company suggests that if you need to get the best out of their product, then you need to mix 8 ounces of water with a scoop of quest protein powder. You can substitute it with either your breakfast meal or lunch or both depending on your need.

Quest protein powderPros

  • Comprised of various natural flavors
  • Helps with the weight loss goals
  • The company offers money guarantees
  • Increase metabolism, boost immunity and improve your digestion


  • They are quite expensive
  • The fiber content is too low
  • Not easily available if you cannot access the internet

Customer Reviews

Quest protein powder blends perfect and typically resemble milkshake. The other users also suggest that the company should improve on the fiber content of this shake. It’s very efficient when it comes to weight loss. According to some customers, they claim that it’s quite expensive and may not prefer it as their first priority.

Plexus slim

This is products from Plexus Worldwide Company that acts as a dietary weight loss and have advantageous benefits when it comes to weight loss. The company came into existence in 2006 and have a good rating. Plexus Slim was first launched in 2011 as a weight loss supplements. The active ingredients used in this supplement include Chromium, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee, and Xylooligosaccharide.

How to use

Take 12 ounces of water and mix with one package of plexus slim. This will make it turn pink in color. This should be used 30 minutes before you take your meal. Remember, 1 drink per day!

Plexus slimPros

  • Good for weight loss
  • Great source of nutrients
  • Readily available on local and online stores
  • Reduce appetite and manage your hunger
  • Improve the rate of metabolism
  • Sold through Multi-Level Marketing program


  • Causes nervousness, upset stomach, mood changes, restlessness, nausea, and headache
  • It’s not recommended for both lactating and pregnant women
  • 3rd parties involved in the sale of their products may affect the quality of plexus slim weight loss shake

Customer Reviews

As much as the flavor of this weight loss shake is okay, it takes too much time to dissolve. But again, you can improve this by mixing it with warm water. According to the users, it’s a good weight loss supplement as it also helps with balancing blood sugar level. Some claim that the product does not seems to work but if you follow the precautions, you will really notice a positive change.

Arbonne Shake

Arbonne Shakes are products from Arbonne Company that aims to work on natural products to aid in weight loss program and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The company has been working on these supplements since 1987 and have gone enough experience and know what it takes to get the best diet shakes.

How to Use

Arbonne Shake is used as part of your daily meal. In the vent that your body misses carbohydrate, it will be easy to lose weight. So to effectively use these shake substitute 1 or 2 of your meals with these supplements.

Arbonne Shake


  • Can be found as shake mixes, readymade shakes, and protein-boost powder
  • Sold through a multi-level marketing program
  • They offer full customer support through their agents
  • The shake has low calories
  • Contain natural superfoods


  • They provide 2g of fiber per serving which is a threat to your digestion system
  • Their cost may not be managed by many people
  • Have some minor side effects like bloating, vomiting and nausea

Customer Reviews

Arbonne company has long years of experience making them be the best brand to choose when It comes to any weight loss company. According to the reviews on their website, there are limited cases reported by their customer which means they are delivering according to the expectation of their customers. The side effects are minor and temporary. They also helped so many people to reduce their weight.

How to Choose The Best Diet Shake?

  • Check the label of the diet shake
  • Ask your physics the best diet shake
  • Determine the price of the diet shake
  • Buy only through a website that is secured
  • Check the reviews of the company behind the best weight loss shakes

How to Buy These Diet Shake?

Most of the companies selling the best diet shakes have websites where they sell their products online. You will need to sign up with them and include your shipping location. You can then make your payment and wait for the products to be delivered to you. You can still check on Amazon for the best deals.

Bottom Line

With the information provided about best weight loss shakes in the market, it will be very easy or you to make your choices when you want to buy one. You can still use this information to educate others to know what they should expect from the best diet shakes. Success with your weight loss goals.

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