Best Eyeshadow Palettes

The Best Eyeshadow Palettes in The Market

When looking to have a jaw-breaker makeup look, the eyeshadow makeup is such an important part of achieving it; whether the customer has brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, small eyes, big eyes, the best eyeshadow palettes can make the eyes stand out and become the star of the show, it is a product that can make the wearers achieve a sexy look, or a cute one, according to what the person is looking for, so learning to use the right ones, and which are the best brands is important to keep a flawless look.

Choosing the best eyeshadow brand is hard considering the number of brands that exist these days, but good quality is the key to achieve nice makeup; poor-quality brands provide eyeshadows that don’t pigment well, don’t blend easily, resulting in poor makeup overall. This article specifies the brand’s eyeshadows that every professional makeup artist or beauty junkie needs to get.

What is An Eyeshadow?

It is a makeup product that is specifically designed for the eyelid and the undereye; its purpose is to make the eyes stand out and are an important part of any type of makeup (glam, artistic, sexy, casual); there are 3 types of the texture of the eyeshadows:

  • Creamy texture: Works wonder for using a single tone; it’s easier to apply and has high coverage.
  • Powder eyeshadow: It is the most common texture, is the one that blends easier, and works better if the person is thinking about using different eyeshadow tones.
  • Loose eyeshadows: One of the benefits of using this type is that they pigment really well, but the texture tends to be messy and a little bit tricky to apply.

Along with the texture, eyeshadows come in different styles according to the occasion where they will be worn and the effect that is wished to achieve. These styles are:

  • Matte eyeshadow: Works for every single look; whether the purpose is to achieve a natural look or an excentric one, matte eyeshadow will play a big role in both.
  • Shimmer eyeshadow: This one is meant to give a sparkle to the eye, it makes it stand out, and it is more suitable for a fancy event, nights out, etc.
  • Glitter eyeshadow: This type is going to draw all the attention to the eyes. It is commonly used in artistic makeup, editorial makeup, or nights out.

What is the Correct Way to Applicate Eyeshadows?

This part is tricky because there isn’t a single way to apply every type of eyeshadow; according to the texture, and the style, different makeup tools will be needed to apply it. These are the makeup tools everyone who wants to rock great eyeshadow makeup should have:

  • An angled eyeshadow brush to concentrate the color in the crease of the eyelid.
  • Eyeshadow shader brush to distribute the color.
  • Blending brush.

Now, after having the right tools, the next step is:

  • Use a base color on the eyelid; this will make the next color you apply pigment more.
  • Proceed with a darker tone over the base color. This color depends on the wearer’s preference.
  • Use a dark tone on the crease; this gives the eyes a deep, sexy look; the recommended tone is any bronze or brownish color.
  • Put a shimmer eyeshadow in the center of the lid to make it stand out even more.
  • Use the darkest tone you want for the outer corner.
  • Use a light tone under the brow bone.

Best Brands of Eyeshadow

Here’s a list of the best brands of eyeshadow in the market, including all types of tones and styles.

Technic Cosmetics

A brand that works offering high-quality products for a reasonable price, These are the brands they offer:

  • Limited edition is fearless eyeshadow palette: Like its name, this palette is wild and fun, has a wide range of colorful tones, it has colored shimmer eyeshadows, and light tones in matte, so it works for almost every occasion. The pigmentation is good and blends easily.
  • Color-pressed glitter palette-mermaid: The tones remind you of the sea, with a wide range of blues and cold tones that are perfect for those spicy girls that look to wear fun eye makeup. The glitter blends really well and lasts a long time.
  • X24 makeup palette: This palette comes with warm tones that blend perfectly for a casual look; it has many brown color choices, both in shimmer or matte, as well as light tones, to make the perfect contrast.
  • Pressed glitter palette unicorn uniform: This palette looks like a unicorn dusted all of his magic powder in it; it looks like a carnival with such a wide range of colors that go from yellow to fuchsia.
  • Pressed glitter palette-star dust: This palette is rich in warm glitter and neutral tones that make the eyes stand out without taking all the protagonism.
  • X15 eyeshadow palette peanut butter jelly: A beautiful palette comes with warm matter eyeshadows to create a soft look.
  • X15 eyeshadow palette shaken, not stirred palette: It is like having a jungle inside a palette with such a range of colorful, warm tones that work to do almost every look.

W7 Makeup

  • Violet lights: This palette has it all, metallic tone, matte tones, and chrome tones; it has the perfect tones to make a day to night transition.
  • Enchanted palette: This palette comes with coconut oil; it has a mix of matte, shimmer, and metallic shadows and has a beautiful tone of pinks and lilacs.
  • Romanced eyeshadow palette: Perfect for a romantic date, this palette has a wide range of pinks, golds, and peachy tones.
  • Dusk till dawn eyeshadow palette: It has deep and bright tones of purple to give the eyes a mysterious but at the same time sexy look.
  • Metal pop metallic shimmer eyeshadow palette: Blendable metallic shades to make the eyes stand out and become jaw-breakers.
  • Life’s a peach eyeshadow palette: The colors of this palette blend really nicely, providing tones for casual moments or dramatic looks.
  • Blazin’ eyeshadow palette: These eyeshadows don’t crease and have a wide range of nude tones to dark tones.
  • In the city: This is a mini palette that you can take with you everywhere; it has light pinks and dark brown tones.

Final Thoughts

Using any of these eyeshadow brands assures a well-executed makeup, with beautiful pigments and blendable, that will make the eyes be the center of attention.

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