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310 Shake Review – What People Are Saying?

There are a lot of online reviews of meal replacement shakes. Unfortunately, most of them are biased. I took some time to find unbiased people who did a 310 Shake Review. Now, I am going to tell you what they said. It is smart to read and watch reviews that explain the product and company. I appreciate those because it makes it easy to weed out the ones with bad ingredients or unethical companies. But, at some point, you just want to know if people like it.

Taste And Texture

Let’s get down to it. The first thing you want to know is, does it taste good? Well, if you are expecting it to taste like a sugary McD’s milkshake, you will be majorly disappointed. By itself, it doesn’t taste like much of anything and the whey protein leaves a bit of an aftertaste. But, if you have tasted many of the other meal replacement shakes on the market, you know they are not made for their flavors first. It’s like making a green smoothie vs a strawberry banana smoothie. You make a green smoothie to make you healthy, but you make a strawberry banana smoothie because it tastes great. If you are expecting a meal replacement shake to taste like its sugary counterpart, you are essentially comparing kale to strawberries.That being said, I have read a ton of reviews by unbiased people who say Shakeology tastes great by itself. If flavor is your number one goal in a meal replacement, then I think that would be a good choice for you. It would be better than eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Again, consider the smoothie analogy. If you are choosing between an ice cream milkshake and a strawberry banana, real fruit smoothie, then the smoothie is the better choice. But, if you are wanting the most healthful option, a green smoothie would be even better. If you are the kind of person who wants the best option for you, 310 Shake is the better choice.

Here is The kicker

A LOT of people are using this product wrong. I see tons of reviews on Amazon and YouTube of people drinking these shakes plain with water to replace breakfast. If you are new to health and fitness, this is not the way to start with any shake. They will all taste bland compared to a Starbucks frappe. Furthermore, because they don’t have fat or grains, they will leave you feeling hungry shortly after. If you are trying to overcome food cravings, this is going to come as a huge disappointment.

Drinking the shake plain with water works better for people who have just completed an intense workout and need to replenish their bodies. It’s like drinking a power-packed electrolyte drink. In that sense, it is an awesome meal replacement because it infuses the body with vitamins and minerals while building muscle with protein. So, it provides the body with an entire healthy meal’s worth of nutrients in only 90 calories. This is a great way to prevent depleting your body and burning out post workout.

The Right Way To Use It

But, if you think 90 calories of anything is going to give you enough energy to last until lunch, you are asking for a miracle. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been disillusioned by our fast food industry that everything should be fast, sugary, and leave a rock in the pit of your stomach. Most people who successfully use diet shakes to replace a meal are mixing them into a smoothie. All of the unbiased people who gave a positive 310 Shake Review used this method.

Yes, this gives you more calories. But, again let’s compare a healthy 310 shake to a greasy breakfast burrito or sugary bowl of cereal. Which one is going to be better for you? And how many snacks do you eat after a normal breakfast just to keep you going until lunch? A well-made shake will give you so much energy that you won’t stop to grab anything else.

310 shake understands that this is how people actually use these shakes. That is why they keep the calorie count way down at 90. Any other shake I looked at was 150 calories or more. So, if you are going to add calories to a shake to make it your breakfast, 310 shake is the one to do it with. You will still hit your calorie goals. I saw a number of people who gave a 310 Shake Review who added ingredients while still staying around 150 calories total. Bottom line: use 310 shake right and you will love it.

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