The Least Known Ways to acquire longer, thicker beautiful lashes

Day by day the envy for eyelash extensions seen is evident in everyday life as it is the current and hottest trend. Currently, both genders have embraced lash specialists in salons throughout the world, parting with large amounts of dollars for a just temporary lash fix. The exceptions that avoid the hefty amount opt to go for the store credited lash kits. The greatest problem is the glue used to apply these falsies lashes constitute of different toxic chemicals like formaldehyde that is medically known to cause eye damage.

These leaves the question as to what a girl will do to maintain the longer, thicker lashes that are affordable.

What are the various key ways to keep the appearance of your lashes?

1. Take a supplement. The biggest problem in the society today is the lack of nutrients required to develop thick, long and envious gazing lashes. The nutrients necessary for this are Omega 3, biotin and zinc. The only problem is you may encounter lash growth after consuming a nutritional accompaniment that’s necessary for hair growth. If you wish, the other alternative is introducing these natural sources nuts, tuna, seeds, oysters, salmon, onions, legumes or even tomatoes to your daily diet and enrich yourself with the necessary nutrients.

2. Growth Serum. The designs are an intention to promote fast growth formulas which are easy to apply and support thicker, stronger lashes. They are made in a way they improve your natural lashes the conditioners and moisturizers of the eyebrows and lashes. Eventually, you will develop natural longer lashes that are so not easily break.

3. Lash Extensions. If you happen to have big natural lashes, then you would opt to go for a lash extension that will make your eyes look the fashion style. You will have to shell some few dollars to acquire them which later might lead to eye problems as they have chemical adhesives.

However, you may decide to visit a salon and be attended by a professional and get the lash extensions where you will have to shell $200 or even more for just temporal f false extensions.

The finest eyelash extension: One Two Lash

Look no further for the finest way to extend your natural eyelashes, but it’s only by One Two cosmetics; One Two Lash. The globes first discovered magnetic lash that is designed with micro-magnetic technology. In just a few seconds, One Two lashes get you past the painful poking, fumbling and fussing of the fake lashes purchased at the local store as you do not require toxic chemicals or glue that may harm your eye. They are available at pocket-friendly prices affordable to all compared to professional salons. If you use One Two Lash from One Two Cosmetics carefully them, you may reuse them again and again after rinsing them off dirt.

You can get your signature style using these three different One Two Lash products that best fit your lash extension:

1. Original Lash. It just needs a few seconds to apply these natural, modest lashes to your natural lashes. For the model cover look, the first lash will offer the volume and length you wish for devoid of a false lash result. It is your first lash from One Two Cosmetics is your choice strap for either day or evening wear.

2. Bold lash. If you like, you can go for bold lash. Are you a glam girl? Then this is purely designed for you, made to fulfill your desire for high-intensity volume. One Two Bold Lashes can genuinely compliment any look from a t-shirt, sexy dress to your boyfriend’s jeans as they fit any style whatsoever.

3. Accent Lash. If you love to create attention or generate jealousy, then Accent Lashes suits you best. They are undeniably dramatic. You will gain the sexy look that you desire as the Accent Lash from One Two Cosmetics enhances length to the ordinary outline of your eye. Dress in any outfit and any style, and you will add a touch of beautiful elegance with a fair of intimation of a twist at the close of these falsies.

These tips can assist you to look no further in boosting the strength and size of your ordinary lashes. However, you don’t want to miss out on the best dramatic appearance by One Two Cosmetics in using their One Two Lash.

What Are Biotics, And How Can They Protect Your Health?

If you’re wondering, “What are biotics?” they are, in a nutshell, the microbes that reside inside of us. Many of them are good for us, while others are pathogenic and can cause a wide range of health problems. Two specific types of biotics, prebiotics and probiotics, help make sure there’s an ample supply of good microbes in our “gut,” or gastrointestinal tract. Here’s some information on both of them:


When most people think about the answer to the question, “What are biotics?” they usually assume you’re talking about probiotics. After all, they get all the press. You can’t turn on your television or computer, it seems, without seeing an ad for a probiotics supplement. But prebiotics play an important role in our overall health as well.

Prebiotics basically serve as the fuel that helps probiotics thrive in the gut. Just like oil additives help your engine run at peak performance, prebiotics play the same role for probiotics. Prebiotics are fibers commonly found in foods such as legumes, fruits, and vegetables. The body can’t digest these fibers, but beneficial microbes can. In fact, they need prebiotics in order to do their jobs.

When you eat a food or take a supplement that contains prebiotics, beneficial microbes convert them into butyrate, a type of acid. Butyrate helps the body by reducing inflammation in the colon.1 If the colon becomes inflamed, that can lead to a host of problems, such as ulcerative colitis or inflammatory bowel disease.


Probiotics are designed to help provide reinforcements to the gut, boosting the number of beneficial microbes so that they can keep the bad ones in check. You can find them in certain foods, such as naturally fermented pickles, sauerkraut, and non-pasteurized yogurt. The term “non-pasteurized” is very important when it comes to probiotics. The reason is that while the process of pasteurization kills harmful bacteria, it also kills good ones.

Sauerkraut is unique in that it’s not only a good source of probiotics, but prebiotics as well. It contains beneficial microbes, as well as the fiber that good microbes use for food.

What Are Biotics Good For?

It extremely important that you have enough prebiotics and probiotics in your gut for many reasons. Probiotics help not only help reduce inflammation, they also help make the immune system stronger. Good bacteria can also help the body by producing vitamin K, which protects us by helping the blood clot. Probiotics have also been shown to aid in the production of fatty acids that strengthen the intestinal walls, keeping out viruses and pathogenic bacteria.2

You obviously know that eating fatty and sugary foods can result in weight gain, but you might not be aware of the fact that they can also help pathogenic bacteria thrive to the point to where they outnumber the good ones.3 Pesticides can also increase the number of harmful microbes in the gut.4

What Are Biotics Supplements?

While there are a lot of foods that contain probiotics as well as prebiotics, you’d have to eat an awful lot of them in order to ensure a proper balance between beneficial and harmful microbes in the gut. The pounds you’d pack on would outweigh any benefits you might receive.

That’s why a lot of people get their probiotics through supplements. They come in liquids, powders, and even gummies, but capsules are the most convenient and efficient method. They have a better chance at getting the microbes you need where you need them the most – the gut. The stomach is a very inhospitable place, filled with acid. This acid can destroy a lot of the good microbes found in powders and drinks before they get to the gut. Capsules have a better chance of making this difficult journey.

It’s very important, though, that you talk to your doctor before you either take a probiotic supplement or you change your diet to get more probiotics (as well as prebiotics) into your system. You might, for instance, have a food allergy to a certain product that you weren’t aware of. The last thing you’d want to do is to find that out the hard way. Just play it safe, and get some medical advice before you make any drastic changes.

So the next time you hear the question, “What are biotics?” you can say with confidence you know the answer. They can help your gut – as well as your overall health – in ways you might not have previously thought possible.






How to Get Celebrity Lashes Right at Home (without glue!)

Hollywood glam lashes stop people in their tracks. You know the kind … the ultra-long one’s that you can bat at your beau. Well, they don’t just grow in naturally. And today, to get that celebrity look, you’ll have to purchase an eyelash growth serum, or even take a dietary supplement to boost the strength, and length of your lovely lashes. However, these ways are not for everyone, and for people who want to know the secret to longer, thicker lashes – your wait is over!

Most people who want to get the bold look of celebrity lashes resort to fumbling around with fake eyelashes, glue, and sharp applicators that could literally take an eye out. If you’ve ever wanted to get the glamorous look of the starts without the pain of self-adhesive lashes, or the price tag of a lash extension salon, you can still get the high glam lashes you want … with this secret of the stars.

How to Get Celebrity Lashes at Home

Celebrity lashes like those that you see on the runway, or in the hot city streets of Hollywood may not be 100% natural – but they DO look amazing! And you can get the same look without having to worry about getting toxic glue in your eyes, or poking out your retina with a pair of sharp tweezers. How? With these new breakthrough magnetic lashes from One Two Cosmetics. Designed with your celebrity status in mind, these false eyelashes are the fastest way to glamourize your look. Here’s how they work:

To Apply One Two Lash Magnetic Eyelashes:

  • Take the top lash out of the One Two Lash eyelash extension kit with one hand.
  • Hold the top lash parallel to your eye, just above your top eyelash where the lash line is.
  • When you have the top lash properly positioned (just above the line where your natural lashes grow in) you can match up the edge lines. Ideally, the lines of the edges of the One Two Lash will magnetically form to your natural lash line. If they do not align automatically, you may need to take the lash away, and try again.
  • Allow the top lash to stay where it is, as you pick up the bottom lash (the lash with the tiny red dot on it).
  • To position it in place, hold the eyelash just underneath the line where your natural lashes grow out. Then align the edges of your lash line to the magnetic lashes so they can easily connect.
  • After you have both One Two Lashes in place, you can blink a few times to ensure they will stay put.


To Remove One Two Lash:

  • With the soft pads of your index finger, and thumb, gently slide the two magnets away from one another, sideways. Do NOT pull the lashes forward.

The simple process can all be done in just minutes so you can take your lashes from frumpy to fabulous any time you want to. Do you have a night on the town planned after work? No problem! Impromptu date after the gym? No worries! You can stash these magnetic lash extensions any place you go when you’re on the move, for a touch of Hollywood glam with any look you put together!

The World’s First Magnetic False Eyelashes

If you have ever spent hours in your own bathroom fumbling around with fake eyelashes in order to improve the sparse look of your natural lashes, you probably already know that it can be a real pain in the you-know-what. And after you spend the time to glue some type of faux mink lashes onto your own delicate lash line, they only seem to stick to your eyelids, and irritate your sensitive eyes.

One Two Lashes are unlike anything you can find on the market today! Less expensive than a trip to a posh eyelash salon, One Two Lashes are easy to apply, and do not require any glue, or applicators. It couldn’t be simpler to get the Hollywood celebrity lashes you’ve always wanted right at home without pain, or irritation of regular false lashes.

Can I Afford One Two Lashes?

Getting glam lashes doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. In fact, you can get the celebrity look that turns your friends green with envy for a portion of the high cost of salons, and fraction of the fuss of other lash extensions with these easy-to-use magnetic false eyelashes from One Two Cosmetics! So, stop spending between $150.00-$200.00 on a so-called lash “specialist.” Just think about how much easier it will be to align these magnetic false eyelashes, blink them into place, and go.

There is no question if you ask glam girls what the best eyelash extensions are: One Two Lashes, of course!