Harnessing the Power of NAC to Boost Heart Health

N-acetylcysteine, or NAC, is an amino acid that is derived from a tiny protein called L-cysteine. Also known as the building blocks of protein, amino acids can be found in many natural foods like meat, whole grains, seeds, and nuts. This compound is not only involved in supplying your body with the protein it needs to build strong, dense muscle tissue, but it also offers many benefits to your overall health. And it’s one of the main reasons NAC is a key ingredient in VitaPulse by Princeton Nutrients.

Among the many notable qualities of NAC is its ability to support the proper functions of a healthy cardiovascular system, including balanced cholesterol levels and blood pressure, as well as the strength of your hard working heart. Because heart disease is the number one cause of premature death for both men and women globally, many researchers have focused their attention on this powerful substance, and its potential to reduce risk factors of CVD (cardiovascular disease).1 What they found could be great news if you are looking for ways to support your heart health.

Here are three of the ways you can harness the power of NAC to boost the health of your heart:

  1. Antioxidant Protection. If you have ever baked an apple pie, you may already know about antioxidants. You know the drill … as soon as you slice the apples in half, and leave them on the counter to prepare the rest of the pie, the inside of the apple immediately starts to turn brown. Right? What is happening when the apple goes brown is called the oxidative process, and it affects every living thing on the planet – including you. Inside your body, the oxidation process is triggered by many natural things, including environmental pollutants, like UV rays from the sun, toxins in your food supply, as well as exercise. There is no way to avoid this natural process completely, however, you can reduce the damaging effects of the byproducts of oxidation in your body, called reactive oxygen species (ROS).

ROS molecules cause damage to the healthy cells in your body (and the apple) because they are always seeking to “steal” an electron from any place they can find one. They do this in order to regain balance of their own chemical structure, which lacks one electron. ROS molecules need to find the electron they are missing, and take it for themselves, thus, they are highly destructive. This process causes damage to your healthy cells, and it may also increase your risk of CVD.2

What is so special about NAC is that it doesn’t just act as a protective antioxidant alone. It is also able to boost the production of what is called, “The Master Antioxidant” of your body known as glutathione. This antioxidant is naturally made inside of your body as a built-in defense system against ROS damage. As we age, the body declines in production of this protective master antioxidant, and therefore it is vital to boost the production of glutathione with NAC to reduce age-related risk factors of CVD caused by oxidative stress on the body.3

  1. Anti-Inflammatory. Inflammation is a natural response of your body’s immune system, however, over time, inflammation can become a risk factor for CVD. Over the age of 65, adults commonly experience a higher rate of what’s known as inflammatory markers of cardiovascular disease. These include cholesterol imbalance, fatty lesions that can clog healthy arteries, as well as hardening of the arteries.4

Due to acetylcysteine’s natural ability to boost the production of glutathione in every cell, it offers a good amount of protection against the development of these inflammatory markers for CVD.5,6

  1. Irregular Heartbeat. Atrial fibrillation is one of the most common heart problems for people after undergoing a cardiac surgery. Numerous studies have shown that there is an increasing body of evidence to support the role of oxidative stress in the development of post-surgical arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). As a scavenger for ROS molecules in the body, NAC may help to reduce the likelihood of developing postoperative arrhythmia. And that’s great news for people who have already suffered with a cardiovascular event.

One review on the ability of N-acetylcysteine supplementation revealed that NAC is a promising solution for the prevention of postoperative irregular heartbeat in patients who underwent coronary artery bypass and/or valve surgery.7

VitaPulse: The 3-Ingredient Formula With the Power of NAC

N-acetylcysteine is one of the least talked about nutrients known to boost heart health. Especially helpful for aging adults and those who have already suffered a cardiovascular event, NAC supplementation may be just what you need to support your cardiovascular health.

VitaPulse is a supplement designed with NAC plus two other antioxidants for the heart in just one simple formula. Here is how the other ingredients work to promote heart health, at any age:

Ubiquinone (CoQ10). This antioxidant vitamin for the heart has also been called Vitamin Q. It works in a unique way to boost cellular metabolism, also known as ATP, to help maintain a strong and healthy heartbeat. Further, CoQ10 acts as a scavenger for active ROS molecules to help reduce all CVD risk factors associated with the oxidation process.

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ). A close relative of CoQ10, PQQ, also works to reduce oxidative stress in the body. It is found in the highest concentrations in your vital organs, like the liver, kidneys, lungs, and of course your hard working heart. It does this deep within the energy-producing center of each cell, called the mitochondria. Boosting the levels of PQQ in your body may help to support the proper function of your cardiovascular system by increasing intracellular energy levels, as well as maintaining balanced cholesterol levels.8

VitaPulse is one of the only supplements on the market today that harnesses the power of NAC to boost heart health. But that’s not all VitaPulse does. Due to the simple 3-ingredient formula that includes only antioxidants for the heart, VitaPulse may also help to boost your overall health, as antioxidants are well-known to support immunity against pathogens that can cause common infections. It’s a win-win for your health!


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Don’t Overcomplicate Your Diet

All the information about what you should and should not do while on a diet can be a little overwhelming , in this article we will aim to make losing weight a little less stressful for you. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Cook daily meals by yourself

It’s fairly easy to buy packaged food and just heat it up and eat them as meals as we are too busy to prepare wholesome meals. But if you aim on losing weight this is a poor choice, you should know that processed foods contain a lot of preservatives and artificial flavors that are very bad for you. The best remedy is to cook your own meals that way you know exactly what goes in to your food. If you’re on the go prepare one of those very useful diet shakes.



  • Quality over quantity

This is pretty much self explanatory, if you eat more it doesn’t eat you are nutritionally fulfilled. You could have 2 cheese burgers and it wouldn’t be nutritionally equal to a lean fish fillet.


  • HereAvoid restaurants

There is no harm in dining out once in a while but make sure the restaurant you choose offers healthy options.


  • Try to sleep more

The biggest problem that a lot of people have is that they are not even getting enough sleep most of the time and this makes it hard for their bodies to kick their metabolism into high gear and make it easier for them to get the results they want. You need to learn to make more room for sleep in most cases. A lot of people don’t get enough hours of sleep and they also make things worse because their sleeping schedules are always random and they are unable to keep their bodies working at optimal levels.  There are studies out there that indicate if you get more sleep; it’s much easier to lose weight.


  • Eat more protein

You need to find a way to incorporate more protein in your diet. Protein helps in muscle development and is necessary in overall health keeping. Diet shakes can be worthy for you on this case.


  • Hang out with people who like to eat healthy

This might be one of the hardest things to do, but you need to stop hanging out with people who encourage you to eat greasy foods and drink beer all the time. They all enjoy these things as much as you do, but when someone has the courage to stop eating and drinking anything that is harmful for their bodies, their friends might start to see them as boring or a drag to be around. This is the main reason why you need to consider the idea of becoming friends with a different group of people. There is also no need to stop being friends with people who like healthy food, but try to avoid going out to eat with them. If you find that this is all you had in common with them, you will probably realize that you are better off not being friends with them.


  • Exercise!

You need to maintain a very active exercise routine for your metabolism to work on high gear and this is basically what you need in order to keep your body burning at instead of storing fat. You have to be as constant as possible with your workouts and this is going to make you feel much better in the long run.

In conclusion, if you can follow the mentioned tips you are more likely to achieve desired results in a very healthy manner.